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October 24, 2010 / jummiejummie

Open Source Search with Lucene and Solr

If you have ever had the need to add full-text indexing or search capability to one of your projects, chances are you will be familiar with Apache Lucene or one of its many derivatives such as PyLucene, Lucene.NET, Ferret (Ruby), or Lucy (C port). With history dating back to the early 2000’s, Lucene has become one of the most feature complete information retrieval (IR) libraries with extensive support for dozens of tokenizers, analyzers, query parsers and scoring algorithms.

Having recently attended Lucene Revolution in Boston, it was clear from the presentations, as well as the hallway track, that the project has found its way into applications that span the whole gamut: embedded use, desktop and enterprise search, and even large-scale distributed deployments. Best of all, the number of projects around it, as well as the planned core improvements continues to impress – if you [From Open Source Search with Lucene & Solr –]


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